We’re excited to welcome two new grad students to the lab: Trevor Chamberlain from the Genetics PhD Program & Ryan Trevena from the Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology PhD Program!

Congratulations to grad student Christina Hansen for passing the Genetics written prelim exam and scoring high enough to achieve the honor of “Passing with Distinction”!

Best wishes to Celeste Eno as she moves on to the next stage in her career as a Laboratory Genetics & Genomics Fellow at UCLA!

Congratulations to Elaine Welch, PhD, for successfully defending her thesis “Regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics leading to axis induction in the early zebrafish embryo” on May 10th!

Seven of our fantastic undergrads presented their research last night at UW’s Undergraduate Research Poster Session as part of the Intro Bio 152 mentored research course! Check out their posters in our photo gallery!

Congrats to Celeste for winning this year’s Schlimgen Award, which recognizes exceptional thesis work from recent doctoral graduates in the Genetics Training Program!

Huge congratulations to our latest doctoral graduate, Drew Hasley! He successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Exploring Questions in Early Vertebrate Development Using the Zebrafish (Danio rerio): From Cleavage Patterns to Transcriptomes.”