Christina Hansen

Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma  Snapchat--5573719554973143585

BS Cell & Molecular Biology/Chemistry minor, Oklahoma City University

PhD Genetics (Fall 2015 – present), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Christina is a graduate student in the Genetics Training Program. She is interested in the maternally-inherited factors responsible for key events in early development, such as ribonucleoparticle components and their contributions to germ line determination. Christina is studying how these factors interact with cytoskeletal elements in order to properly coordinate embryogenesis. She is also working with a maternal-effect mutant line that fails to undergo pronuclear fusion, and investigating the proteins involved in pronuclear dynamics.

Christina is also pursuing a doctoral minor in the Life Sciences Communication Department at UW-Madison, and is the creator/curator of this website.

Check out her LinkedIn for more about Christina.