Celeste Eno


BS Biology, Marine/Freshwater, University of New Hampshire

MS Developmental Biology, University of New Hampshire

PhD Genetics (Fall 2009 –  8/18/16), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Postdoctoral Fellow (start Sept. 2016), University of Wisconsin – Madison

Celeste recently completed her PhD in the Pelegri lab with an NIH Graduate Fellowship and is now serving as a postdoctoral fellow. Celeste studies factors involved with germ cell determinant movements in the early embryo. She has characterized a maternal-effect mutant that has allowed for in-depth studies of the importance of actin in germ plasm movement. She is also in the process of characterizing another maternal-effect mutant which defines the role of calcium in germ plasm movement.

Celeste has maintained an interest in clinical genetics thoughout her graduate school career and spends two days a week volunteering at the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene in their clinical molecular genetics department.

Check out her LinkedIn page for more about Celeste.